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On 4 June (a Saturday!), seven up-and-coming economists participated in the Australian Economics Olympiad first round examination. We were the only non-eastern-state school to participate. Despite our students being at a disadvantage due to the differences in curriculum, they performed admirably in the examination.

Special mention to Joe Xu, who made the final as a Year 11, Rajiv Paranavithana (Year 12) and Aidan Hughes (School Vice Captain). These students made the top 40 in the competition and progressed to the final, where they collaborated with students from interstate to present a case study applying cost-benefit analysis to the impact of COVID-19 economic policy on total Australian welfare, and using this learning to learn for next time there is a considerable disruption to our economy.

Congratulations to Rajiv, who finished in the top 20% of students and received a distinction, and Aidan and Joe, for receiving “honourable mentions” for their examination performance.

Finally, thank you to Joe, who’s persistence in setting this up provided a fantastic opportunity for his peers.

Well done to the following students who participated:

  • Andy Cao (Year 11)
  • Aidan Hughes (School Vice Captain)
  • Joe Xu (Year 11)
  • Kelly Zhu (Year 11)
  • Rajiv Paranavithana (Year 12)
  • Tom Cao (Year 11)
  • Vincent Oberdan (Year 11)

Jeremy Borgas
Teacher – Humanities Faculty