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The Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO) is a national computer programming competition held annually where students invent algorithms and write short computer programs to solve six problems varying in difficulty. The competition does not test computer literacy or knowledge but is focused on problem solving through programming skills. The AIO challenges students with their mathematical and computational problem-solving skills, as well as identifying programming talent and opening doors to deeper engagement with problems in computer science.

Ten students in the Senior School competed in the 3-hour online competition in Week 5 of Term 3. Students who have been involved in the lunchtime informatics program or did well in the Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) earlier this year, were invited to participate in either the Intermediate (Year 7-10) or Senior (Year 11-12) divisions.

The following students performed exceptionally in the AIO in Term 3, achieving highly in their respective divisions:

  • Xander Grice (Year 12 – Gold Certificate (top 10%)
  • David Taylor (Year 10) – Gold Certificate (top 10%)
  • Nicholas Koh (Year 12) – Silver Certificate (top 25%)
  • Casper Cai (Year 10 – Silver Certificate (top 25%)

The following students also performed well to achieve a credit in their respective divisions, placing them in the top 50% of students who sat the competition in Australia.

  • Edward Gross (Year 9)
  • Dan Nguyen (Year 7)
  • Joshua Howes (Year 7)
  • Carbon Li (Year 7)

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints