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The Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) 2021 is a four-hour contest designed to stretch talented Years 7 to 10 students in Mathematics. The Australian Maths Trust also use this competition to determine which students are selected to a number of invitation only events, including other national and international mathematics competitions, enrichment classes and training schools. It gives talented students an opportunity to be recognised and to participate in activities which will enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of Mathematics.

Students in the Senior School were invited to sit the four-hour paper based on their previous high performance in the Haman School Mathematics Competition (HSMC) and Computation and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition in Term 1 or their consistently exceptional performance in their Mathematics classes throughout the year. 20 students in the Senior School sat the four-hour paper in Term 3 on Thursday 3 September.

It was great to see so many Years 7 and 8 students participating in the academically rigorous contest, which has given them exposure to a range of challenging problems and will set them up well to achieve highly in this competition when they are in Year 10.

The following students also performed exceptionally well in the AIMO to achieve a High Distinction or Distinction in competition, placing them in the top 5% or 20% of students who sat the competition in Australia. We are extremely proud of this excellent achievement.

High Distinction:

  • Darren Nguyen (Year 10)


  • Yitong (Jonny) Liu (Year 9)
  • Gunin Singhal (Year 10)

The following students should also be proud to achieve a Credit in the AIMO, placing them in the top 50% of students who sat the competition in Australia.


  • Casper Cai (Year 9)
  • Tao Wong (Year 5)
  • David Taylor (Year 9)
  • Lachlan Siow (Year 8)
  • Alexander Koh (Year 9)
  • Jake Richardson (Year 9)

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints