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The Australian Mathematical Olympiad (AMO) 2022 is an invitation only event run by the Australian Maths Trust (AMT). Approximately 200 students from Australian and New Zealand are invited each year to participate in this prestigious event, based on their previous strong performance in Mathematical Competitions throughout the year. The contest is held over two days, with each contest comprising of four questions over four hours. Results from this Olympiad are used by the AMT to select students to attend the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s Selection School.

This year, the competition was held on 2 and 3 February, and we had three students invited to compete in the competition. Our students performed exceptionally well across the eight hours of examination time, all sitting the same paper, regardless of their age.

Nicholas Koh (Year 12) achieved a Silver Certificate, which places him in the top 25% of students invited to sit the competition from Australia and New Zealand. Darren Nguyen (Year 11) and Casper Cai (Year 10) were both invited for the first time and achieved Participation Certificates. Additionally, following this competition, Casper Cai was invited to participate in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC) Selection School, which he participated in during late March. We are extremely proud of the achievements of these students and look forward to seeing where Mathematics takes them in the coming years.

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints