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The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is a competition with 30 engaging mathematics problems that demonstrate the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives and is run by the Australian Maths Trust. The competition challenges students to apply their mathematical problem-solving skills across a range of topics within the Australian Curriculum. The AMC 2021 ran on both Thursday and Friday of Week 3 in Term 3, with 327 students in the Senior School sitting the 75-minute online competition.

All Mathematics students in the Senior school were invited to enter, with those in Advanced and Extended Mathematics classes strongly encouraged to participate. There were three divisions run within the Senior School: Junior (Years 7 to 8), Intermediate (Years 9 to 10) and Senior (Years 11 to 12).

St Peter’s College students performed exceptionally across all year levels, with the following students receiving the national prize for their respective year levels. This is an outstanding achievement, and we are extremely proud of them.

  • Tao Wong (Year 5 student) – Prize for Year 7 Junior AMC
  • William Carrigan – Prize for Year 8 Junior AMC
  • Yitong (Jonny) Liu – Prize for Year 9 Intermediate AMC
  • Darren Nguyen – Prize for Year 10 Intermediate AMC and winner of the Best in School Award
  • Nicholas Koh – Prize for Year 11 Senior AMC

The following students also performed exceptionally well in the AMC to achieve a High Distinction in their respective divisions, placing them in the top 2% of students who sat the competition in Australia. We are extremely proud of this outstanding achievement.

  • Year 7: Devansh Singhal, Vincent Truong and Ross Psaromatis.
  • Year 8: Dan Whittaker and Joseph Fitzgerald.
  • Year 9: Seb Birdseye, Casper Cai, Sean Ran, Haseff Emad and Alexander Koh.
  • Year 10: Gunin Singhal, Hieu Pham, Haoming (Marvin) Xu and Max Wang.
  • Year 11: Xander Grice and Anay Pradhan.
  • Year 12: Xian Huang, Zihao Wu and Thomas Byun.

The following students also performed well to achieve a Distinction, placing them in the top 20% of students in Intermediate and Junior Divisions, or top 25% of students in the Senior Division who sat the AMC in Australia.

  • Year 7: Jack Hollington, David Penkoff, Adam Lee, Tianling Guo, Luca Falivene, Shaarav Reddy, Sunny Zhang, Max Hewitt, Harry Zhang, Daniel Onilov, Steven Dinh, Matthew Liu, Hugo Michell, Noah Ibrahim, Nicholas Robertson, Daniel Latimer and Louis von Doussa.
  • Year 8: Harry Manifold, Will Gill, Lachlan Siow, Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd, Masih Mazraeh, Pardhiv Meruga, Alaric Zhang, Ishaan Chaudhuri, Anirvan Iyengar, Jeff Rozenbilds, Christian Valentincic, Anthony Ibrahim, Aston Ong, Alexander Piscioneri, Alexander Nguyen, Zac Michaels, Damon Tatarelli, Aidan Du, Lachlan Northcote, Alexis Prakash and Lachlyn Vuong.
  • Year 9: Ben Northcote, Jackson (Jia) Ling, David Taylor, Maulik Singhal, Lucas Chan, Joey Yan, Jayden Pham, Thomas Parkinson, Benjamin Liu, Jack Richardson, Timothy Suyapto, Kevin Dinh and Jack Hawkes.
  • Year 10: Angus Koeroessy, Liam Miller, Oliver Grieve, Joe Xu, Alex Ma, Oliver Perrone, Declan Ee, Ethan Trewartha, Kristian Musolino, Seniru Navaratne, Josh Rai, Aleksandar Dobrijevic, Thomas Browning, Kevin He and Vincent Oberdan.
  • Year 11: Christian Bizot, Matthew Lam, Charlie Wells, Derek Yang, Josip Podreka, Alex Wei, Adam Li, Duc Pham, Louis Rust, Luca Paull, Will Ryan, Oscar Chen, Tommy Vo, Seb Bower, Steven Xu, Nathan Choi, Fraser Balnaves, Kyle Miller, Rajiv Paranavithana, Flynn Carroll and William Dowling.
  • Year 12: Tsz Ngong (Eric) You, Sachin Ravindran, Jeremy Beale, Johnny Miteff, Ryan Mah, Thomas Hosking, Michael Slavotinek, Alec Vitalievich, Zhuoyuan Chen and Arvind Pati.

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints