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There is an art and science to teaching. And excellent teachers deliver on both aspects. I see this daily as I step into lessons and planning meetings around our School, yet this looks very different in each classroom as it is tailored to the students’ needs.

An aspect of the art of teaching is providing expert knowledge and resources, and our excellent teachers know this can frequently come from beyond the School. In our School, teachers are fortunate to be able to access some outstanding leaders in their fields who have been able to share their expert knowledge with our students and enrich the learning experiences. As I reflect on some of these opportunities that our teachers have created, it is clear why our School is an exceptional community of learning. Some examples of these enriching opportunities have been:

  • Federal MP for Sturt – James Stevens MP (SHT 2001) – explaining processes of an election
  • The life experiences of living in the transition from a communist regime to a democracy
  • Vinuri Silva, Adelaide University PhD candidate, explaining microplastics, the ‘plastisphere’ and how bacteria might be the key to resolving this global issue
  • Parents and grandparents developing intercultural understanding and appreciation by sharing aspects of different cultures
  • Multiple doctors and psychologists explaining the functioning of the human body

The opportunities certainly enrich our students’ learning experiences and help them to construct their understanding of the world beyond their normal context. As teachers start to consider planning for next term, I would encourage anyone in our School community to come and share your expert knowledge and enrich our students’ learning. While we are always open to all opportunities, next term the students would specifically benefit from opportunities around:

  • Migration – people who have experienced this or work in this area
  • Natural disasters, particularly bushfires
  • Finance and equipping people with financial literacy
  • Geology and understanding the earth

I look forward to you sharing your expertise and enriching the learning of our students.

Jon Gelsthorpe
Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning

Banner image: Federal MP for Sturt – James Stevens MP (SHT 2001)