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Jane Jolly is a South Australian children’s author who has written such books as One Step at a Time, Tea and Sugar Christmas and Radio Rescue. Her book One Step at a Time tells the story of an elephant who stepped on a landmine and was the first elephant to have a prosthetic leg. Radio Rescue is based on the pedal radio in the 1930s which sent morse code to a another radio and was important for communication and emergencies.

Jane has many different strategies to find the right words and the right stories. She conducts a high amount of research include writing entire journals about each book’s subject.

She has written over 300 books with only a small amount published which shows how difficult it can be to get published and how much work is required to become a successful and published author.

Jane addresses serious subjects while making the stories more child friendly which is why her books are so good to read.

Vincent Barone (Year 6)
Library Leader