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“You’ve Got Yoghurt in Your Nostrils”, is the first book written by South Australian author Bethany Clark. She told the story of her son trying new foods as a baby to the boys in Prep to Year 1 on Wednesday 9 August. The boys were eager to hear about all the foods Bethany’s son tried, as well as where those foods ended up! From yoghurt to pumpkin, from nostrils to your toes. Exploring new foods is definitely a messy business!  

Our Year 2 students were captivated by local author, Phil Cummings’ presentation on Monday 14 August, and were eager to try “fearless writing”. Phil shared how he gets his ideas for characters and stories from his everyday interactions and observations with the people around him. He then spends time with “fearless writing” where it doesn’t matter how messy the writing or how many mistakes are made. This style of writing allows your imagination to soar, and your ideas fill the page. These pages of fearless writing can then be referred to when a story is needed. We have many of Phil’s books in the library. Please come and have a look! 

Sue Dansie