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In Term 2 a group of Year 6 boys put their hand up to learn how to make coffee with a professional espresso machine and thus, the Barista Boys was born.

Some fun facts about the Barista Boys in 2021:

  • 1,150 hot drinks have been sold to parents, staff and students (the equivalent to a whole bath of coffees!)
  • 256 cookies and 224 brownies have been baked and sold (only one batch of brownies burnt)
  • 45kg of coffee has been ground
  • 276 hours collectively worked by the Barista Boys from Term 2 to the end of the year
  • 19 last minute emergency supermarket runs
  • Many discounts given for repeat customers (but has helped drive business!)
  • $900 profit has been donated to Fauna Rescue SA

The following Year 6 boys are to be congratulated on their barista skills and fundraising efforts this year:

  • Mateen Baba
  • Brayden Xu
  • Angus Ireland
  • Jason Li
  • Aaron Bala-Leng
  • Shreyus Arramraj
  • Hanaan Hasan
  • Krishn Arora
  • Sebastian Harms
  • Hugo Hill
  • Archer Papps-Burford
  • Tom Burns
  • Dan Nguyen
  • Joshua Howes
  • Henry Lehman
  • Daniel Song
  • Daniel Spyrou
  • Sambhav Tegginamat
  • George Xenophou
  • Harry Loan
  • Tom Lamphee
  • Sam Lake
  • Darcy Thatcher
  • Kaspar Jongeneel
  • Charlie Kemble
  • Oscar Sawers

The Barista Boys should be proud of their efforts this year.

Mr Hugh Earlam
Year 6 Classroom Teacher