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Following the Luminary Lunch on Thursday 4 May, the Junior School Library held a literary festival which was known to staff and students as “Behind the Book Festival”.

The concept was to provide all students across the Junior school with the opportunity to listen and engage with a book creator for the afternoon. The concept nearly became a reality, but we didn’t quite pull it off as we couldn’t line up everyone’s schedules.

Students in 1A, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6 participated and were enlightened as the following creators shared their expertise Bethany Clark 1A; Adam Cece (Year 3); Janeen Brian, Mandy Foote (Year 4); Jane Jolly, Vaughan Duck and Marianne Musgrove (Year 6).

Our learners responded and engaged beautifully with the creators and there was a real buzz across the School as students talked about their experiences and learnings; this shows how inspirational each creator was.

Later in the year we look forward to arranging creators for the Prep, Reception, 1A, 1T, Year 2 and Year 5.

Alison Winter and Sue Dansie
Junior School Teacher-Librarians