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In Week 8, St Peter’s College Junior School embraced the vibrant and culturally rich Dragon Boat Festival with a series of exciting activities. The boys, filled with enthusiasm and curiosity, engaged in various traditional crafts and experiences, immersing themselves in the spirit of this ancient Chinese festival to commemorate and honour the ancient poet and statesman, Qu Yuan, who lived during the Warring States period in ancient China.

The Reception boys showcased their creativity by participating in a unique paper zongzi collage project. Zongzi, a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, is a delicacy commonly associated with Dragon Boat Festival. The boys eagerly embraced this activity, crafting vibrant and intricate zongzi shapes using coloured paper. They learned about the cultural significance of this festive food, gaining a deeper appreciation for the customs and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival.

Meanwhile, the boys in Years 1 to 4 delved into the art of creating five-coloured bracelets, an integral part of the festival’s customs. In Chinese culture, these bracelets are believed to ward off bad spirits and bring good fortune. Working in pairs, the boys armed with threads of various hues, skilfully weaved their bracelets, incorporating colours symbolizing different aspects of life. As they crafted their unique accessories, they learned about the significance of each color and the age-old beliefs associated with them.

Years 5 and 6 boys had a hands-on experience by participating in a zongzi-making workshop conducted by Chinese parent-volunteers. With great excitement and curiosity, they gathered in the classroom, ready to learn the art of crafting this traditional treat. Guided by our experienced volunteers, the boys carefully wrapped the glutinous rice with bamboo leaves, creating authentic zongzi. This activity allowed the boys to not only develop their culinary skills but also provided them with a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical importance of zongzi during Dragon Boat Festival.

The collaborative efforts of teachers, parent-volunteers, and students contributed to a festive and educational atmosphere throughout the school. The boys’ engagement and active participation in these activities highlighted their eagerness to learn about diverse cultures and traditions, fostering a sense of appreciation and respect for different customs within the school community.

The celebration of Dragon Boat Festival at SPSC not only provided a platform for cultural exchange but also nurtured the boys’ creativity, teamwork, and respect for traditions. By actively participating in activities such as the paper zongzi collage, five-colored bracelet making, and zongzi preparation, the boys across all year-levels gained valuable insights into the customs and values associated with this festival. Such experiences go a long way in promoting a well-rounded education and fostering a sense of global citizenship among the young learners at SPSC.

As the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations concluded, the school community was left with a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the rich culture that surrounds us. The activities served as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and learning from different traditions, ensuring that the students at SPSC continue to grow as well-rounded individuals with a global perspective.

Mrs Shelby Baker
Chinese Language Teacher