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The Languages Faculty and students have had a busy start to 2023. On 21 February we observed International Mother Language Day. This year language students and teachers presented in Senior School Muster and Junior School Assembly. Presenters spoke in Kaurna, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Welsh, Hindi and English. Our talented teachers also attempted tough tongue twisters in Afrikaans, Italian, French and Chinese.

We recently entered two teams into the Australian Computational and Linguists Olympiad. This is an online competition in which students were challenged to decipher language puzzles in Umbrian (closely linked to Latin), Permyak (spoken in the north-eastern part of European Russia), Nizaa (spoken in Nigeria and Cameroon), Tidore (North Halmahera language of Indonesia) and the Australian language, Lardil, spoken on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Education Perfect Language World Championships is a seven-day online competition taking place from March 7. Students will have some class time and independent study sessions to test their knowledge of many languages through translation questions for points and hopefully merits and certificates.

On 21 March, we acknowledge Harmony Day in Australia. Language classes will have the opportunity to take part in cultural activities and discussions about cultural diversity and demonstrating respect towards others.

The Languages Societies have started up again this term. Each society offers language support in a relaxed atmosphere and there are always plenty of fun language/cultural activities to keep students entertained!

Chinese Society on Monday lunchtimes ​in Gordon-LF07​
Contact: Ethan Shi (Term 1 Captain)

EAL Support on Monday lunchtimes ​in Gordon-LF02
​Contact: Ms Harvey​

French Society on Tuesday lunchtimes in Gordon-LF03​
​Contact: Sean Ran and Casper Cai (Co-Captains)

German Society on Wednesday lunchtime, week A in Gordon-LF01
Contact: Zig Jonats (Captain)

SACLO Society on Tuesday lunchtimes in Gordon-LF05
Contact: Maulik Singhal (Captain)


“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.”

– Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian nationalist and spiritual leader


Mrs Spiby
Head of Languages.