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Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is by far the most important of all Chinese festivals. It is the festival that lasts for 15 days and is celebrated at the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The origin of the Lunar New Year can be traced back more than 2000 years. Lunar New Year is not only celebrated by the people living in China, but also more than 20% of the world population celebrate this amazing festival each year.

At St Peter’s college, we appreciate and celebrate our diversity in our broader community. We value the significance of togetherness and completeness in the Chinese culture. It all shows in the Lunar New Year celebration.

We have decorated the Junior School with lanterns and calligraphy displays on the doors for a prosperous and auspicious new year for everyone in our community. We have a human-size Lunar New Year photo frame at the reception area for families and students to take photos with this year’s animal – Tiger. We also prepared six performance items at the assemblies to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

  1. Piano and violin ensemble “Moonlight in the city”, performed by Sean Zhang, Oscar Ma, Owen Wu and Harold Dai
  2. Mother-tongue classes boys choir singing “Blessed to Have You 有你就幸福”
  3. Second-language boys singing “Fly freely 自由飞翔”, performed by Charlie Baker, Harry Steele and Zain Shahyan
  4. Music Performance: Guzheng playing (Chinese traditional music instrument), performed by Sasha, a Year 7 student from Glenunga International School
  5. Chinese Folk Dance:  Flying Apsaras Dance (Buddhist art), performed by the leading dancer from SureDance School
  6. Acknowledgement and presenting the 2021 Chinese Language Awards winner from our school Aarnav Sanghavi (6E)

A great start of the year can lead us to an amazing whole year. We wish everyone in the Saints community a prosperous and auspicious New Year.

Shelby Baker
Chinese Teacher – Junior School