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In March, 37 students from Years 4 to 6 participated in the Australian Maths Trust’s Kangourou San Frontieres Mathematics Competition. It is now the world’s largest mathematics competition, with more than 6 million participants each year.

21 Credit awards were given to students who were in the top 50% of the Australian participants. Six Distinction awards were awarded to students within the top 15% of Australian participants. Three students earnt High Distinctions, awarded to the top 3%.

Kangourou San Frontieres Award Winners

High Distinction

  • Alexander Nguyen
  • Lachlan Bell
  • Hughie Manifold


  • Terry Yao
  • Sean Zhang
  • Henry He
  • Beau Leon
  • Adrian Lee
  • Nathan Wai


  • Carlos Zhu
  • Thomas Campbell
  • Luke Nguyen
  • George Storer
  • Frank Wang
  • William Guo
  • Zhizhan Ye
  • Krish Grover
  • Oliver Tang
  • William Fon
  • Nicholas Young
  • Daniel Le
  • Luqin Peng
  • Ryan Nie
  • Ahmad Khan
  • Marcel Pathi
  • Sebastian Zarei
  • Shikhar Golla
  • Aaryan Pandey
  • Henry Chen
  • Max Claessens


  • Ethan Chhoy
  • Neal Shah
  • Divyansh Sahni
  • Jayden Chen
  • Isaac Chisholm
  • Harrison Baker-Evans
  • Oscar Ma

In early March, 63 students volunteered to participate in the 63rd Hamann School Mathematics Competition for Society of Petroleum Engineers. On Tuesday 7 May, some of these students were presented with award certificates at a special ceremony held by the Mathematics Association of South Australia.

63rd Hamann School Mathematics Competition for Society of Petroleum Engineer Award Winners

Sean Zhang – Credit
Nathan Wai– Credit
Luke Nguyen – Distinction
Adrian Lee – High Distinction
Lachlan Bell – High Distinction

It is wonderful to have a broad range of opportunities for our students to showcase knowledge, understanding and skills in array of learning areas.

Christopher Sanders
Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning