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Congratulations to Chathula Kiripitige (Year 10) who won first place at the 2019 Chinese Bridge  Proficiency Competition for secondary school students in South Australia. He will now represent South Australia at the preliminary final in August in Melbourne.

This year the competition theme is Learning Chinese, Creating a Brighter Future 携手汉语,筑梦未来. The contestants use a mobile phone, video or digital camera to create a video based on this theme. The video consists of two parts. Firstly a speech (up to three minutes) in Chinese which must not be read from a script and secondly, student must showcase a talent and perform for up to three minutes.

Chathula put an enormous effort into preparing for both the speech and cultural performance. The judges commented on his speech content as excellent and persuasive. The delivery of his speech showed his confidence helping him secure first place. Chathula also recorded a musical piece called Butterfly Lovers, by showing his talent in playing the violin and piano. The judges thoroughly enjoyed his performance which demonstrated years of hard work on the two musical instruments.

We wish him all the best for the upcoming preliminary finals in August and look forward to hearing about his wonderful experience in Melbourne.

Ms Fangfang Qiu
Coordinator of Chinese