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How can riding a bike every day help save the shells of marine organisms? Are biofuels really the better alternative? How are nano molecules helping in the treatment of disease? These are just some of the questions our Year 12 students investigate while studying Chemistry.

In an awards ceremony hosted at Flinders University, seven of our 2020 graduates were acknowledged by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) for their outstanding performance in SACE Chemistry. The young men and their families heard from guest speaker Dr Zhongfan Jia, whose passion for the subject at the age of 13 led him to study and eventually discover breakthrough technologies in polymer chemistry.

It is widely accepted that progressive thinking and collaboration in the field of science are crucial for the future of our global community, and to see St Peter’s College students eager to be an integral part of this revolution is both exciting and promising for the years ahead.

Marie Daziani
Chemistry Subject Coordinator