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Early this month, Year 10 student Evan, alongside his mother Yen, organised a charity fundraiser to generate funds for the Childhood Cancer Association who provide practical and hands on support for children with cancer and their families. Yen, along with her friend Elaine, are preparing to participate in the New York Marathon to further raise awareness for the cause. The fundraising event, named the ‘New York Marathon Dinner’, took place at Penfolds Magill Estate and was hosted by Evan and family friend Olivia, who attends Wilderness School. Notable attendees included the Childhood Cancer Association CEO, Cath O’Loughlin and their Community Relationship Manager, Tracey Noblet.

The event raised an impressive $42,000 in donations for the Childhood Cancer Association. We congratulate Evan, Yen, and all those who organised and attended the event. Furthermore, we could not be prouder of Evan, a survivor of childhood cancer himself, for his service and dedication to helping others.

I encourage everyone to join Evan in supporting the Childhood Cancer Association, as well as Yen and Elaine’s participation in the New York City Marathon, by donating through the support page.