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The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese speaking and performance competition.

There are separate competitions for primary school, secondary school and university students. The primary school category has been introduced for the first time in 2022.

If Chinese is your second language, then you can participate in the Chinese Bridge competition. Every year, there is a different theme. The theme for 2022 was 快乐中文 – Chinese, Joy and Fun. To enter, students were required to submit a three minute video with Chinese subtitles of themselves speaking in Mandarin and performing a Chinese cultural item.

This year the competition was hotly contested by 22 entrants across three states. There was often only half a point separating entries. The top two contestants from Australia will go on to compete in the Global Finals later this year, against students from across the world.

Zain Shahyan and Harry Passaris have represented our Junior School to participate in this global competition for the first time. Even though, they did not win the first and second places, their participation demonstrates their pursuance of excellence, great determination and passion when they face challenges in their learning. We are looking forward to seeing more boys participating in the Chinese Bridge competition in 2023.

Shelby Baker
Chinese Teacher – Junior School