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The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiau) Chinese Proficiency Competition is an annual worldwide Chinese speaking and performance competition. The 17th preliminary final was hosted at the University of Adelaide and attended by the Year 10 Chinese class.

The competition consisted of university students from across Australia participating along with their families in front of secondary school students and other special guests. The competition determines two candidates who will then represent Australia in China in a similar competition against other countries.

This was a fantastic opportunity for both competing students and audience members to expand their knowledge in Chinese language and culture.

The competition began with a lion dance performed by Trinity College students, giving the class a glimpse into Chinese culture. The audience were welcomed by the Confucius Institute, followed by the first performance based on the topic of “one word, one family” a quote by Confucius. The performance was delivered in Chinese and assisted the students by enhancing their understanding and speaking potential.

The second performance was most the enjoyable and inspirational, as participants presented their talents relating to Chinese culture. Some of these performances included throat singing, calligraphy and oboe playing. The event concluded with a taichi performance as the audience was asked to join in and follow steps directed by Master Eric. Afterward, the winners were announced and a gratitude speech was given by Dr Baohui Xie, Director of the Department of Asian Studies. The Chinese Proficiency Competition was a great opportunity to expand the student’s capabilities in Chinese and to develop a deeper understanding and appreciate of Chinese culture.

Kuren Vu (Year 10)