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On Tuesday 1 November, Years 10 and Year 11 IB Chinese students went on an excursion to Chinatown for an authentic Chinese lunch experience, and also to watch a Chinese science-fiction/comedy film called “Moon Man.” 《独行月球》 at the Eastend Palace Nova Cinema, accompanied by Ms. Qiu and Ms. Wang.

The protagonist in Moon Man is Dugu Yue, a qualified engineer who willingly works in maintenance because of his unrequited love for Ma Lanxing, his base commander. Due to the failure of Project United Nations Moon Shield (UNMS), the facility is hastily evacuated, and during the chaos, Yue is accidentally left behind. He believes that he is the last person left from Earth after seeing an asteroid crashing to Earth. Although Yue is all alone on the moon, he finds Kong, a temperamental red kangaroo also was left behind by the UNMS research division. Without Yue’s knowing, his actions are watched by his operators back on Earth. The commanders use Yue’s life on the moon as an inspiration to all the asteroid survivors, to not to give up and have hope. The operators and commanders work in collaboration to bring Yue back to Earth. Meanwhile, Yue is trying to save Earth from another asteroid attack. All students enjoyed the movie with a lot of laughter, and they were moved by the ending. One of my favourite characters in the movie is Kong, a sweet, cheeky kangaroo.

After the movie, Year 10 Chinese students had Yum Cha, which is a typical Cantonese cuisine, at the Star House Chinese Restaurant, while IB students went to the Tasty Biang restaurant to experience Qin cuisine. During Yum Cha, each student used Chinese to order the dishes that they like, so they had the chance to immerse themselves with various Chinese dishes especially delicacies such as chicken feet and durian pastry. After lunch, the students split into groups to explore Chinatown. Overall, the outing was a fun and memorable experience that I think every Chinese student would especially benefit from and we look forward to another outing like this in the future.

Ravinu Appuhamy
Year 10 student