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During Week 4, the Year 8 and 9 students in Ms Qiu’s, Ms Wang’s and Mr Baker’s Chinese classes greatly enjoyed participating in the annual Dumplings in Da Costa Chinese Food Culture immersion activity. Each class took part in the hands-on dumpling-making activity, using soft dumpling wrappers and tender chicken fillings to fold dumplings into various shapes.

Once students had folded their dumplings, the chefs in Da Costa boiled the dumplings. During this time, students tried their luck in the Chopsticks Challenge team event, with each team passing a single Jelly Bean to their teammates down a table and back again.

The excitement of the challenge sent the decibels soaring in Da Costa. As the Chopsticks Challenge finished, the chefs served the boiled dumpling creations to students. In true Chinese cultural fashion, students tucked in together to enjoy their dumplings and each other’s company.

Our teachers of Chinese noted that those students with the best chopsticks skills enjoyed the most dumplings. Many thanks to Mr. Stuart MacDonald, the site manager of Chartwells, and his team to fully support this activity.

Joel Baker
Chinese Teacher