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On Friday 2 December, the 2022 Chinese Language Teacher’s Association of South Australia (CLTASA) Chinese Language Awards Ceremony was held at the Sports Centre, Seymour College. These annual awards recognise enthusiastic and successful learners of the Chinese language and culture.

This year the awards not only recognised second language learners of Chinese, but also background and first language learners of Chinese. In 2022 St Peter’s College was pleased to nominate Cameron Johnson (Second Language Learners of Chinese) (Year 11), Yi Qian (Glen) Li (Background Language Learners of Chinese) (Year 8) and Tianling Guo (First Language Learners of Chinese) (Year 8) as the recipients of these awards. We congratulate them on such a fabulous achievement and look forward to their continued success in language learning.

In the ceremony, the CLTASA also announced winners for 2022 SA Chinese Language Video Competition. This year, the theme of the video competition was Love. Ravinu Appuamy (Year 10) produced a video called “Love Needs to Speak Out”, which won the first place in the Secondary Group Category.

Year 10 Chinese students formed a band and performed the famous Chinese song “A Spray of Plum Blossoms” 《一剪梅》at the ceremony. The performers were Johnny Turner (Year 10 – Music arrangement, Tiger Liu (Year 10 – percussion), Oliver Hamilton (Year 10 – vocals) ,Noah Latimer (Year 10 – flute), Liam Duerden (Year 10 – guitar), David Taylor (Year 10 – piano), and Mars Zhang (Year 10 – PPT making).  The boys did an outstanding job given the short notice, and also during the examination period. Congratulations to all performers and winners.

Fangfang Qiu
Coordinator of Chinese