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On Thursday 4 March the Chinese Society engaged in a Lantern Festival themed social. The social, hosted at Seymour College, involved over forty boys and girls.

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival with more than 2,000 years of history. It is celebrated annually on the fifteenth day of the first month in lunar calendar, or exactly fifteen days after Spring Festival, marking the end of Chinese New Year Celebration. It is celebrated every year around the world, and of course, also by both St Peter’s College and Seymour students this year!

On the day, Saints and Seymour students not only carried out many fun activities along with a delicious buffet, but also stood out and gave a wonderful music performance. The extraordinary piano solo, singing, and the impressive piece of Guzheng, a Chinese traditional music instrument, added by the provision of fine food like dumplings, fried rice and chicken, contributed to great enjoyment of all students.

As the most featured activity in Lantern Festivals, lantern riddles were also played. Lantern riddles are riddles printed on a note attached to a well-decorated paper lantern. Thanks to the efforts of the Seymour girls, more than one hundred paper lanterns with multilingual riddles were made, contributing to a gorgeous scene on Seymour campus. All students enjoyed it while immersing themselves in Chinese tradition.

Other activities like a balloon stomp competition were also played in which boys and girls were teamed up and worked together to win the prizes. Students not only enjoyed the games and prizes, but also built precious friendship with students from the other school. The Chinese Society social with Seymour was a huge success this year, and we are looking forward to inviting Seymour girls back to our campus one day in the near future!

Xian Huang (Year 12)