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This year, Years 8 to 10 Chinese language students travelled to the Palace Nova Eastend Cinema to watch the film The Farewell directed by Lulu Wang. The excursions were designed to give an outlook on the differences between eastern and western culture, as well as an insight on the Chinese way of life.  

Billi Wang is living a life split between two worlds; her Chinese heritage and American upbringing. When her grandmother is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, her family is faced with a major dilemma; should they follow the Chinese cultural philosophy and conceal the information, or should the family give their beloved relative a chance to say her farewell?

The film, aiming to emulate the family story of director Lulu Wang, portrays Billi’s strong urge to stay faithful to her family, despite her disagreement in cultural beliefs.

Overall, the movie was well-received by all students, ultimately contributing to a positive learning experience. The day wouldn’t have been a success without the significant organisational contribution by Ms Fangfang Qiu, and thanks to Ms Wang, Ms Ziniak, Ms Harvey, Mr Swanston, Mr Freesmith and Ms Castrechini-Sutton for supervising the groups, without whom this opportunity would not have been possible.

Daniel Jesudason (Year 9)