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Flight chess is a board game that is famous all across the world, having the names aeroplane chess or ludo. On Tuesday in the final week of Term 1, the Chinese Society introduced this game to its members and let them explore the beauty and intelligence of this amazing board game.

On Thursday 14 April, the Chinese Society hosted a flight chess challenge in which students of different cultural backgrounds and ages come together and revealed the intelligence behind this game with various strategies. Participants are to move the pieces to the base; in the process, the other opponents’ pieces can be knocked back to the start. The player with the fastest time to reach the base will win the game!

This game requires both luck and persistence from the players. The winner is the student who not only luckily rolled 5 sixes in 6 trials, but also was resilient when encountering obstacles during the game.

It was a fantastic activity that will occur again in Term 2 with all students welcome to participate. We are also looking forward to seeing the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.

Remember to check daily notices for more activities in the future!

Austin Liu (Year 11)
Captain of Chinese Society