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Last Monday, on the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, the Years 3 to 6 students enjoyed a Kungfu performance presented by three warrior monks from the Shaolin Temple in Memorial Hall. The Shaolin Temple, situated in Henan province, China, boasts a history spanning over 1500 years. The Shaolin Temple monks have crafted their own distinctive style of Kungfu known as Shaolin Kungfu. Masters Shi Yanshao, Shi Yanhai, and Shi Yanming showcased their specialty Kungfu routines, including the Shaolin Da Hong Form, Shaolin Cannon Form, Shaolin Zen, and Shaolin Two Fingers Stand. For most boys and staff in the audience, this was their inaugural experience witnessing Shaolin Kungfu firsthand, rather than through TV or film. This special assembly inaugurated our Year of the Dragon celebration, offering us a deeper insight into the Shaolin Temple as a sacred site and its remarkable history.

Throughout the week, Years 1 to 6 students studying Chinese had the wonderful opportunity to craft the famous Chinese street food “Tanghulu,” traditionally enjoyed during winter and Chinese New Year. Fresh fruit coated in molten sugar captured both sweetness and vibrant color, typically red to symbolize good luck and happiness during the New Year celebration. With the assistance of our dedicated Chinese parent volunteers, each boy crafted two “Tanghulu” in class, sharing happiness, laughter, and sweetness together—an unforgettable experience for all involved.

On Friday, during our Chinese New Year Celebration assembly, four items contributed to this special event. Thirteen mother tongue boys sang The Australian National Anthem in Chinese, bridging language barriers and bringing everyone closer together. Ten boys from Years 3 to 6, 1st and 2nd Chinese language learners, performed a Chinese Hip-hop dance titled “Summer in the City,” infusing Mem Hall with festive energy with their cool moves and catchy melody. The 2024 Chinese Language Captain, Shikhar Golla, summarised our achievements from 2023, including participation in the Chinese video competition, Australian Voice Chinese Singing competition, and announced the winners of the 2023 Chinese language awards. Sebastian Chen shared his experience of SEA activities, including Chinese calligraphy and Chinese watercolor painting.

Looking ahead to 2024, we aim for an even more productive and meaningful year of learning experience, filled with challenges, excitement, and fun. Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon/Loong!

Ms Shelby Baker 
Junior School Chinese Language teacher/ Specialists Coordinator