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Do you know that Chinese people have been using chopsticks since 1200 B.C.? The two bamboo sticks have enabled East Asian people to enjoy their unique oriental dishes for thousands of years. Are you a professional chopsticks user?

On Monday Week 10, the Chinese Society successfully held a Chopsticks Challenge! In this challenge, students of different origins and ages came together and demonstrated their chopsticks skills in a very challenging game. Students were asked to use chopsticks to pick up red and green jellybeans from one plate to another within two minutes. Whoever picked up the most was the winner.

The slippery jellybeans were to be picked up with chopsticks in the first round, and students excelled in the challenge with the winner picking up almost 60 jellybeans in 2 minutes! Mini-sized red and green beans were used in the second round. With extraordinary skill, the students from middle school won the game. Easter eggs and Skittles were awarded to winners of both rounds and jellybeans were handed out to everyone who attended.

We are looking forward to seeing what surprise the Chinese Society brings in the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival next term. Please watch the daily notices closely for more activities in Term 2.

Xian Huang
Co-Captain of Chinese Society