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On Thursday 15 November, Dr Li visited the Year 10 Chinese Class and also the Chinese Society to talk about Chinese medicine.

Dr Li introduced the concept of Ying and Yang in Chinese medicine and the human body. She also explained how the human body functions according to the four seasons using the concept of Qi, the energy flow in the human body. Dr Li also present the concept of different natural elements corresponding to different organs in speech. We also learnt about how the sun’s wave lengths and frequency affect the acupoints in the body and how most acupoints are in between tendons.

We then experimented with different machines such as the acupoint detector which crackles when you run it over a point. Additionally, boys learnt how to relieve pressure in their necks and treat headaches by squeezing specific pressure points. Dr Li also asked for volunteers to have massages so she could demonstrate how pressure points work in tandem with each other. Let it be known that everyone wanted a massage.

Staff and students were highly intrigued by Dr Li’s Chinese medicine philosophies.The comparison between Chinese medicine and western modern medicine was eye-opening.

Wenbo Wu (Year 11), Dihan Tang (Year 11) and Lachlan Jenkins (Year 10)