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Chopsticks, two simple wooden sticks, are a fundamental part of East Asian food history that originated in 1200 B.C.! On Wednesday 16 March, the Chinese Society hosted a Chopstick Challenge, in which students of different cultural backgrounds and ages came together to explore the beauty and secrets of chopstick applications!

Participants are to use chopsticks to transport Jellybeans, Rice and Ping-Pong balls from one plate to another within one minute. The one with the most number transferred wins and earns the chocolate bunny!

Surprisingly, ping pong balls are the most difficult to pick up with chopsticks, with the highest number of six balls transported in one-minute-time. Rice, the smallest object, appeared to be the easiest, with a maximum number of 48 grains of rice carried in the 60 seconds. With outstanding skills, Steven Dinh (Year 8) won the first place, followed by Oscar Chen (Year 12) and Eric Chang (Year 9). Everyone received a participation prize of chocolate in the end!

The atmosphere of the event was fantastic. It was great to see our participants enjoy the challenges and that they were keen to improve their chopstick skills by entering multiple challenges. There will be more Chinese cultural activities coming. Remember to check the daily notices for more activities in the future!

Austin Liu (Year 11)
Committee Member of Chinese Society