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On June 13th, the Dragonboat Festival Social with Seymour College was successfully hosted by the Chinese Society in the Junior School Function Area. Over 70 students from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which featured a range of exciting activities, including Just Dance, Musical Chairs, Kahoot quizzes, and much more. The highlight of the night was a performance by Axel (Year 11) and Alice (Year 12), who captivated everyone with their long-rehearsed song by TF-Boys. Traditional Dragonboat Festival food, Zongzi, was also shared among participants, adding a sweet ending to the event. Overall, it was a joyous and memorable night for all participants.

We sincerely would like to thank Mr Browning for giving wonderful welcome speech and the teachers, Ms. Qiu, Mrs Castrechini-Sutton, Ms. Wang, Ms. Huang, Rev Julia from St Peter’s College, and Ms. Wei and Ms. You from Seymour College for supporting this social.

Thanks also to Mr Jason Hall for setting up the venue.

Last but not least, huge thanks to all the Chinese Society committee members, Anzhi (Year 8) and Godwin (Year 9) and Year 11 students, Ryan, Aidan, Max, Axel, Lambi, Dominic, Owen, for their hard work to make this event a success.

Given the positive reception of this event, both schools have decided to hold a Mid-Autumn Festival Social at Seymour College later in Term 3. Please stay tuned for details about another upcoming social!

Aidan Chan (Year 11)
Committee member of Chinese Society