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In celebration of International Mother Language Day and Harmony Day, and to promote linguistic and cultural diversity within our Junior School, Chinese language learners have been participating in the annual tongue twister competition for the past few weeks. Thirty-two boys advanced to the final as class winners, making it a closely contested and competitive event, as there is only one winner in each year level for both the 1st and 2nd language categories.

During the Junior School assembly last Friday, the Chinese Language Captain for 2024, Shikhar Golla, announced the winners of each year level:

Year 1 winners: Austen Lin and Christopher Choy
Year 2 winners: Oliver Dang and Samuel Kozman
Year 3 winners: Peter Zhang and Kush Jasoria
Year 4 winners: Lucas Zhao and Santino Aquino
Year 5 winners: Roy Qi and Aaryan Pandey
Year 6 winners: Jacob Zhong, Hughie Manifold, and Krish Grover

All winners were invited to the stage to receive their certificates and special prizes from Mr Sanders and Mr Storer. Additionally, the Year 6 winners were invited to recite the tongue twisters for the audience. The first one goes, “Bear is bear, cat is cat, panda is panda. Panda is bear, not cat. Giant panda is giant panda, red panda is red panda. They are both lovely pandas.” The second one challenges both speech and mathematical thinking: “One half jar is one half jar, two half jars are one jar, three half jars are one and a half jars… continue until ten half jars make five jars.” It proved to be both challenging and enjoyable! Jacob Zhong, Hughie Manifold, and Krish Grover did an amazing job once again.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to seeing more boys challenge themselves in events throughout the year of 2024.

Shelby Baker 
Chinese Language Teacher/ Specialists Coordinator