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Chopsticks, a basic pair of wooden sticks, have been an integral part of East Asian cuisine for centuries, with origins dating back to 1200 B.C. On Monday 20 March 20, the Chinese Society held a Chopstick Challenge during lunchtime, where students from diverse cultural backgrounds and ages united to discover the elegance and secrets of using chopsticks.

Participants were required to move Jellybeans, Rice, beans, and Ping-Pong balls from one plate to another in one minute, using chopsticks. The contestant who transferred the maximum number of items was declared the winner and received prizes.

It was surprising to note that Ping-Pong balls were the most difficult item to pick up with chopsticks, with only six balls transported in one minute as the best result. In contrast, Rice, the smallest object, was the easiest, with Alan Lu displaying exceptional skills by carrying 116 grains of rice within 60 seconds. The top three winners of the challenge were Alex Koh (Year 11) with a total of 279 transferred items, followed by Sean Ran (Year 11) with 143 and Jakob Nguyen (Year 9) with 122. The following students who also participated and tried should also be mentioned with Steven Dinh (Year 9) scoring 82, Seth Irwin (Year 9) and Casper Cai (Year 11) both scoring 49 and Jack Pillay (Year 10) scoring 20.

The event had a fantastic ambiance, and it was delightful to witness the participants enjoying the challenges and showing eagerness to enhance their chopstick skills by participating in multiple rounds. The Chinese Society has more cultural activities planned, so keep a lookout for the daily notices for future events.

Kevin (Year 11 YNG)
Secretary of Chinese Society