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We are delighted to share with you the outstanding achievements of our Year 12 students who completed the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) in 2020, with 11% of all St Peter’s College students achieving an ATAR of 99 or above. A median ATAR of 90.2 was achieved.

In particular, we acknowledge and congratulate the following students for achieving the highest possible ATAR of 99.95:

  • Oliver Kleinig (FRR)
  • Shreyans Sinhal (SHT)
  • Yifan Zhao (HWD)

In summary, 136 St Peter’s College students completed the SACE this year and the results are as follows:

  • 15 (11%) students achieved an ATAR of 99+
  • 22 (16.2%) students achieved an ATAR of 98+
  • 45 (33.1%) students achieved an ATAR of 95+
  • 69 (50.7%) students achieved an ATAR of 90+
  • 95 (69.9%) students achieved an ATAR of 80+
  • 105 (77.2%) students achieved an ATAR of 75+ (the top 25% of the nation)
  • 57 merits were achieved for a perfect score in a subject

We recognise the following students who achieved an ATAR greater than 99:

  • Oliver Kleinig (FRR) with an ATAR of 99.95
  • Shreyans Sinhal (SHT) with an ATAR of 99.95
  • Yifan Zhao (HWD) with an ATAR of 99.95
  • Rushan Khurram (FLL) with an ATAR of 99.9
  • Abdullah Rizwan (FRR) with an ATAR of 99.9
  • Isaac Hoe (YNG) with an ATAR of 99.85
  • Thomas Jose (YNG) with an ATAR of 99.75
  • Charles Balnaves (MAC) with an ATAR of 99.7
  • Charles Morton (DAC) with an ATAR of 99.7
  • Shiva Mukherjee (SHT) with an ATAR of 99.65
  • Dylan Lennon (MAC) with an ATAR of 99.6
  • Marcus Gunn (FRR) with an ATAR of 99.5
  • James Tallent (HWD) with an ATAR of 99.5
  • Samuel Tregenza (SHT) with an ATAR of 99.3
  • Thomas Ferguson (MAC) with an ATAR of 99.25

We congratulate the following 34 students who earned a merit in one or more of their subjects. A merit is awarded to a student who the SACE Board deems to have demonstrated exceptional achievement in a subject. Attaining an A+ in a subject is a prerequisite but does not guarantee a merit; merits are reserved for the very best students in a subject.

  • Charles Balnaves (Business and Enterprise)
  • Maximillian Behrens (Ancient Studies)
  • Zuber Bhangu (Legal Studies, Modern History)
  • Malachy Carruthers (Modern History)
  • Jyun Jing Chan (English as an Additional Language)
  • Lachlan De Cesare (Research Project B)
  • Marcus Gunn (Physics)
  • Theodore Hickinbotham (Research Project B)
  • Isaac Hoe (Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, English)
  • Austin Hushen (Integrated Learning B)
  • Thomas Jose (Physics)
  • Rushan Khurram (Chemistry, English, Physics, Research Project B)
  • Oliver Kleinig (English, Legal Studies, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Research Project B)
  • Dylan Lennon (Accounting)
  • Darcy Lillecrapp (Accounting)
  • Cian McCarthy (General Mathematics)
  • Nic Michaels (General Mathematics)
  • Charles Morton (Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods)
  • Shiva Mukherjee (Accounting)
  • William Nitschke (Research Project B)
  • Sean Ooi (Accounting)
  • Thomas Osborn (Research Project B)
  • Anthony Pham (Research Project B)
  • Abdullah Rizwan (Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Learning B)
  • Richard Rosser (English)
  • Alexander Rowe (Physics)
  • Alistair Sarah (Research Project B)
  • Upol Sarker (Integrated Learning B)
  • Adrian Shum (Research Project B)
  • Shreyans Sinhal (Mathematical Methods, Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics, Research Project B, Nutrition)
  • Samuel Tregenza (Economics, Accounting)
  • Samuel Upton (Business and Enterprise)
  • Samuel Warrick (Research Project B)
  • Yifan Zhao (Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods)

The School is exceptionally proud of the way all Year 12 students have navigated not only their final year of schooling, but the additional challenges and uncertainty of 2020. Despite these difficulties the students have achieved extraordinary results.

Enormous agility has been demonstrated by our staff this year and we are incredibly grateful to the teachers, mentors, Heads of House and other staff who have journeyed with our Year 12s in what has been the most disruptive year in recent history. The students’ outstanding results are a testament to our vision to be an exceptional community of learning.

St Peter’s College looks forward to the publication of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results in early January 2021. Please note that a number of Year 12 SACE students undertook an IBDP subject as part of their study. As such, these students are yet to receive their final ATAR and so their results will change slightly in January. At this time the School will report on the combined results and announce the recipient of the Young Exhibition, for Dux of the School.