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Congratulations to our Class of 2021! We are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of our Year 12 cohort who completed the SACE in 2021.

11% of all St Peter’s College students attained an ATAR of 99 or above placing them in the top 1% of the nation. In addition, the median ATAR achieved by SPSC students was 91.23; the highest median in the past seven years.

In particular, we acknowledge and congratulate Anthony Pham (WDK) and Sachin Ravindran (HWD) for achieving the highest possible ATAR of 99.95.

In summary, 138 St Peter’s College students completed the SACE this year. Please see the following summary of results: 

  • 16 (11.6%) students achieved an ATAR of 99+ (highest number of boys in the past five years)
  • 26 (18.8%) students achieved an ATAR of 98+ (highest number of boys in the past five years)
  • 43 (31.6%) students achieved an ATAR of 95+
  • 76 (55.07%) students achieved an ATAR of 90+ (highest number of boys in the past five years)
  • 103 (74.6%) students achieved an ATAR of 80+ (highest number of boys in the past five years)
  • 115 (84.6%) students achieved an ATAR of 75+ (the top 25% of the nation)
  • 41 merits were achieved for a perfect score in a subject

We recognise the following 16 students who achieved an ATAR greater than 99: 

  • Anthony Pham (WDK) with an ATAR of 99.95
  • Sachin Ravindran (HWD) with an ATAR of 99.95
  • Thomas Hosking (HWK) with an ATAR of 99.85
  • Saeed Bajhau (HWK) with an ATAR of 99.65
  • Thomas Byun (FLL) with an ATAR of 99.6
  • Arvind Pati (FRR) with an ATAR of 99.5
  • Ashwin George (Year 11 student) with an ATAR of 99.5
  • Shreyas Khanna (YNG) with an ATAR of 99.45
  • Angadbir Sohi (SHT) with an ATAR of 99.45
  • Aidan Hughes (WDK) with an ATAR of 99.4
  • Alistair Sarah (DAC) with an ATAR of 99.3
  • Daniel Jesudason (Year 11 student) with an ATAR of 99.25
  • Sean Ooi (YNG) with an ATAR of 99.15
  • Cooper McDonald (HWD) with an ATAR of 99.1
  • Chirath Lekamge (FLL) with an ATAR of 99.1
  • Chanidu Fernando (YNG) with an ATAR of 99.05

We congratulate the following 27 students who earned a merit in one or more of their subjects. A merit is awarded to a student who the SACE Board deems to have demonstrated exceptional achievement in a subject. Attaining an A+ in a subject is a prerequisite but does not guarantee a merit; merits are reserved for the very best students in each subject.  

  • Tauseef Ahmed (English)
  • Thomas Albertini (General Mathematics)
  • Saeed Bajhau (Accounting, Chemistry)
  • Nicholas Bowes (Music Performance – Solo)
  • Myles Burrough (Modern History)
  • Thomas Byun (Accounting)
  • Jonathan Davies (English)
  • Ashwin George (Biology)
  • Thomas Hosking (Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Physics)
  • Daniel Jesudason (Psychology, Research Project B)
  • Shreyas Khanna (English)
  • Nicholas Koh (Accounting)
  • Lai-Yin Lam (Mathematical Methods)
  • William Lehmann (Research Project B)
  • Chirath Lekamge (English)
  • Cooper McDonald (Accounting)
  • William Nitschke (English)
  • Thomas Oldfield (English)
  • Rajiv Paranavithana (Mathematical Methods)
  • Anthony Pham (Mathematical Methods, Physics)
  • Josip Podreka (Research Project B)
  • Sachin Ravindran (Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics)
  • Alistair Sarah (Busines Innovation, Legal Studies)
  • Karan Sethi (Research Project B)
  • Gurjot Singh (Accounting)
  • Tan Vo (Psychology)
  • Samuel Warrick (Geography)

We are exceptionally proud of what our Year 12 students have achieved this year. Despite another challenging year as a result of COVID-19, our students continued to thrive. All boys are to be acknowledged for their resilience, perseverance and determination and they should all be extremely proud of their efforts.

These results represent a unified effort of our students, staff and parents and we thank our parent community and staff for all their work in supporting the boys throughout their journey at St Peter’s College.

Congratulations again to our Class of 2021 on an incredible year which has culminated in these outstanding results.

Please note, the International Baccalaureate (IB) results will be published in early January 2022 at which time the School will share the combined Year 12 results and announce the recipients of the Young Exhibition, for Dux of School and Robley Prize, for the Proxime Accessit.