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We are delighted to share with you the outstanding achievements of the 15 St Peter’s College students who completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme across 2021-2022.

In particular, we acknowledge and congratulate the following students for receiving an IB score of greater than 40:

  • Xander Grice (HWK) with a score of 43
  • Charlie Wells (SHT) with a score of 43
  • Branson Inns (S&A) with a score of 41
  • Nicholas Andreyev (WDK) with a score of 40
  • Adam Li (FRR) with a score of 40

A summary of the cohort’s results are as follows:

  • The average score out of a possible 45 was 34.53 (comparable to an international average of 32.0)
  • 18 merits were awarded for a perfect score of 7
  • 19.8% of all grades were a 7
  • 48.4% of all grades were a 6 or 7
  • 78.1% of all grades were a 5, 6 or 7

We congratulate the following students who received a merit in one or more of their subjects:

  • Xander Grice (German B SL, Physics HL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL, Chemistry HL)
  • Charlie Wells (English Language and Literature HL, Spanish ab initio SL, Physics SL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL, Music HL)
  • Nicholas Andreyev (English Language and Literature HL, Psychology HL)
  • Branson Inns (Spanish ab initio SL, Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL)
  • William Barone (Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL)
  • Christian Bizot (French B SL)
  • Aidan Eaton (Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL)
  • James Hattingh (Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL)
  • Adam Li (Chemistry SL)
  • Peter Zhang (Chinese B HL)

Additionally Johnny Hu and Steven Xu were awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

The School is exceptionally proud of these remarkable results that are testament to the enormous agility demonstrated by our students and staff over a challenging two-year journey.

Please note that the ATARs for the IB Diploma students have not yet been released. At the commencement of Term 1, the combined IB and SACE results will be shared with the community along with announcing the recipient of the Young Exhibition, for Dux of the School and Robley Prize, for the Proxime Accessit.


Congratulations Class of 2022