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Class of 2022, you are fast approaching the end of your schooling at St Peter’s College and you will soon be old scholars.

To help encapsulate this special time and your memories of school, we are preparing a time capsule that will be opened at your 50th reunion in 2072.

The capsule will contain memorabilia from 2022 and all Year 12 students are invited to contribute to the time capsule. It could be a letter from you or your parents, a note for your friends, photos, or a memento of your schooling. Your parents are also welcome to include items if they wish. All items must be in hardcopy – no electronic items or USB sticks – and must fit into the A4-sized bag that will be provided to you by Ms Sears. Please drop off your items to Ms Sears at the Senior School Office and she will add them to the time capsule.

The time capsule will be sealed on Friday 23 September 2022 and will not be opened again until 2072. Please be sure to submit an item that best encapsulates your SPSC journey that you’ll next look at when you are around 67 years old.