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It was a pleasure to welcome back some of our newest old scholars for today’s traditional Academic Muster. Whilst the ATARs of this group are incredible (13% of the cohort achieved an ATAR above 99, the top 1% of the country), it is collective achievements of our Class of 2023 that were exceptional. Across the cohort we again witnessed the ‘strong and lovely’ shining through in all endeavours – academically, in music and the arts, on the sporting field and in service to others. A summary of these achievements can be found in our Celebrating the Class of 2023 brochure.  Today’s event served as an important reminder that academic results cannot be separated from the boys’ broader educational experience; high performance in the classroom and examination hall is not additional to, but a result of their rich pastoral and co-curricular engagement. This was apparent from the well-rounded and comprehensive nature of their accomplishments.

Congratulations to Darren Nguyen (FLL 2023) who was awarded Dux of School and Gunin Singhal (FLL 2023) the Proxime Accessit. In his Dux Address Darren shared his interpretation of the crossed keys in the SPSC logo; “each and every SPSC student is provided the keys to becoming a successful, young man. And most importantly there are two keys, symbolising how the Founders of this School didn’t just want their students to excel in academics, or just sports, but the Founders of this School envisioned future SPSC students becoming successful, well-rounded and multifaceted young men.”

Please click here to read about the individual and collective achievements of the Class of 2023.

Our graduates are embarking on many and varied courses and programs both here in Australia and abroad as they pursue their passions and interests. We wish them the very best for the years ahead and look forward to following their future endeavours.