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During Muster on Thursday the co-curricular leaders for 2023 were announced and acknowledged by the School.

While it is a privilege to take up a formal leadership role, it comes with a requirement to set a positive example, to work in the interests of others and for the benefit of others. I also acknowledge that there are many other worthy students that can, and should, exercise their leadership ability through the very many informal leadership opportunities that await your energy and skill.

The following students have been invited to take up a role in the service of their peers and their activities.

Will White – Music Captain
Gary Peng – Music Co Vice Captain
Kelvin Jian – Music Co Vice Captain

Summer Sport

Jonathan Harris – Captain
Gman Paye – Co Vice Captain
Joshua Moro – Co Vice Captain

Cameron Johnson – Co Captain
Declan Ee – Co Captain

James Hattingh – Captain
Adam Freeman – Vice Captain
Noah Latimer – Vice Captain

Albert Howard – Captain
Ryan Fowler – Co Vice Captain
Thomas Browning – Co Vice Captain

Kevin He – Captain
Lachy Gallagher – Co Vice Captain
Sam Loftus – Co Vice Captain

Isaac Au – Co Captain
Lachlan M Bell – Co Captain

Jude Gale – Captain
Oliver Greive- Co Vice Captain
Angus Koeroessy – Co Vice Captain

Emil Kourani – Co Captain
Blaise Howes – Co Captain

Water Polo
Daniel Spiby – Captain
Harvey George – Vice Captain

Winter Sport

Harry Bruce – Captain of Basketball
Harvey White – First V Captain
Blaise Howes – First V Vice-Captain

Gunin Singhal – Captain
Austin Liu – Vice Captain

Aidan Eaton – Captain
Gunin Singhal – Vice Captain

Henry Maerschel – Captain of Football

Coell Williams – First XI Captain
James Hattingh – Captain
Alex Waters – Vice Captain

Pedal Prix
Max Walsh – Captain
George Griffith – Captain of Vector – First Team
James Gasparin – Co Vice Captain

Pedal Prix
Archie Young – Co Vice Captain

Thomas Browning – Captain
Noah Robertson – Co Vice Captain
Henry Colbourne – Co Vice Captain

Oscar Page – Captain of Soccer
Bailey O’Neill – 1st XI Captain
James Wallwork – 1st XI Vice Captain

Rayan Abou-Hamdan – Captain
Johnny Turner – Vice Captain

Table Tennis
Oliver Grieve – Captain
Ayan Atif – Vice Captain

Mr Barnaby Eaton
Director of Sport & HPE