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On Thursday Week 2, Term 2, 140 students in the Senior School sat The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition, which ran for one-hour online. The CAT competition is a problem-solving competition designed to encourage student curiosity and promote multiple modes of thinking. It doesn’t require any level of computer programming ability to enter, however it identifies students who have strong lateral thinking and pragmatic problem-solving skills who may demonstrate future talent in computer programming.  All Mathematics students in the Senior school were invited to enter, with those in Advanced Mathematics classes strongly encouraged to participate.

Computational thinking is becoming increasingly necessary in many future career paths, with business’ becoming progressively more data driven. The problems and challenges that students may encounter in the future are uncertain and computational thinking skills will help students become more flexible in their problem solving to propose innovative solutions. Students who achieved highly in this competition are strongly encouraged to attend the Maths@Saints Informatics lunchtime sessions to learn and develop their coding skills.

The following students performed exceptionally in the CAT competition in Term 2, achieving a High Distinction in their respective divisions, placing them in the top 1% of students who sat the CAT competition in Australia. We are extremely proud of this outstanding achievement.

  • Year 7: Daniel Cao
  • Year 9: Lachlan Siow
  • Year 10: Casper Cai
  • Year 11: Gunin Singhal, Stewart Anderson and Darren Nguyen
  • Year 12: Xander Grice

The following students also performed well to achieve a Distinction in their respective divisions, placing them in the top 15% of students who sat the CAT competition in Australia.

  • Year 7: Lachlan Brown, Kasper Jongeneel, Samuel Kiu, Carbon Li, Ned Manifold, Lutanda Mcleod, Caleb Scott, Daniel Song, Andrew Ung and Ryan Weinert.
  • Year 8: Luca Falivene, Max Hewitt, Thomas Joseph, Jinhua Liu, David Penkoff, Lenny Silvers, Vincent Truong and Louis von Doussa.
  • Year 9: William Carrigan, Joseph Fitzgerald, Alexander Piscioneri and Lachlyn Vuong.
  • Year 10: Sebastian Birdseye, Alexander Koh, Jake Richardson, David Taylor and Thomas Wu.

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints