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UCAT 2021
The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test used by many universities in Australia and New Zealand in their selection process for their medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes. The UCAT ANZ test replaces the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test). The test helps universities to select applicants with the most appropriate abilities and professional behaviours required for doctors and dentists to be successful in their clinical careers. The UCAT is a computer-based test delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout Australia, New Zealand and at some overseas locations. Registration for the UCAT opens on 1 March and closes 17 May. The UCAT is a two-hour test consisting of five separately timed subtests, each of which contains a number of questions in a multiple-choice format. The test sittings are held between 1 and 11 August. For a listing of universities requiring the UCAT, click here. For more details of the UCAT, click here.
Course Seeker is a new Australian Government initiative that aims to help students gain Australian tertiary information to assist them to make informed decisions about future study options. The website provides access to information on ATARs, prerequisites and enrolment policies. Information has been sourced from across Australia and presented in a nationally consistent and comparable format to improve the transparency across the higher education sector. Further information on Course Seeker can be accessed here.

Year 12 interviews
The Year 12 boys who completed a post school options survey in Term 1 are being rostered to attend an interview with the Careers Counsellor. These interviews aim to assist the boys with their career/study planning for 2022 and beyond. The interviews commenced in Week 10 of Term 1 and are  expected to continue until at least Week 8 or 9 of Term 2. They are initial interviews where the boys are able to discuss their plans, ask questions and explore different post school options. The boys are welcome to initiate additional subsequent interviews as needed.

Considering study in the USA?
Education USA has provided some resources to support students who may be considering further study in the USA:

  • To view YouTube presentations on applications click here.
  • For US Embassy resources on studying in the USA and applications click here.
  • The Education USA Facebook page is always being updated with events and resources. Students who register on the site can also communicate with members of the Education USA

Australian National University (ANU) Canberra
ANU applications are to be made directly to ANU and are now open. Applications close on Monday 24 May 2021. This information and application details can be found here. The ANU application process is quite different. Completion of co-curricular and service activities are required, and applicants need to reach a minimum threshold of three skills from any combination of activities completed in Years 10 to 12. Applicants will need to provide evidence of engagement in these activities. The ANU 2022 undergraduate guide can be found here. Students can seek an ‘on demand’ ANU presentation from one of their Senior Student Ambassadors here. And you can book one-on-one zoom appointments with the ANU student adviser, Ms Frances Dinn through here.

Law Admission Test (LAT) UNSW
Undertaking the LAT is a requirement for applicants considering studying Law at the UNSW. The University is hosting an online information evening on Thursday 6 May that will provide information and advice on the law course at UNSW and the LAT. If interested, please register here.

 Trinity College – University of Melbourne
Trinity College is a residential college associated with the University of Melbourne and other nearby tertiary institutions. The College is now accepting applications for 2022. For information about the College, please visit and for scholarship details click here.

Careers Wiki
The School’s Careers wiki page provides links to a number of helpful resources. Parents and students can access the page via Keystone. It has a learning resource ID of J8DJY2.

For students considering an apprenticeship, MEGT is a large organisation that acts to ‘broker’ apprentice positions. They will also list apprenticeship vacancies. MEGT details can be found here and their jobs board can be found here.

School Leavers Initiative
The National Careers Institute, at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, has established the School Leavers initiative to help support school leavers aged 15-24 transitioning from school into a career pathway. This initiative has been established to help school leavers easily find the information they need to support their decisions while deciding on their next steps as well as provide additional support through the National Careers Institute. This includes a School Leavers Information Kit and access to qualified career practitioners if needed. For more information, please click here.

Often students require school references for tertiary applications (in particular overseas applications) or residential college applications. The references can usually be categorised as being academic or personal/character type references. The School does have a policy that aims to support students requiring a reference. Any student requiring a reference or seeking a staff member to be a referee should contact the Careers Counsellor in the first instance. This process is in place so that the type of reference required can be ascertained and appropriate arrangements made to prepare a suitable reference. References, transcripts of results and academic statements cannot be prepared immediately. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required to effectively prepare the reference, transcripts and/or academic statements, and students should factor this time requirement into their planning for application submissions.

Mark Colsey
Careers Counsellor