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Please find following some important information regarding tertiary applications, studying abroad and other career related events.

Career related events on the calendar

August 20 – St Andrews University (UK) presentation for students at St Peter’s College

August 21 – Durham University (UK) presentation for students at St Peter’s College

Key date: September 28 – most tertiary applications are due

Tertiary applications and career planning
In week 3, Year 12 boys were issued with SATAC Guides and the university handbooks for three South Australian universities. Sessions were also conducted with the Year 12s on the application principles, key dates, researching courses and the application processes. The presentations and supporting notes provided are available in Keystone – Learning resource ID JQ9ZXS. The closing date for South Australian and NT undergraduate university applications via SATAC ( is 28 September. Late applications for most courses can be submitted but will be subject to a late fee. This closing date also applies to nearly all interstate tertiary admission centres, but some individual courses may have other requirements with different application dates. Any boys wishing to discuss their plans for 2019 and beyond or need assistance with their applications should contact the Careers Counsellor.

Study in the UK
The School is very fortunate to have two of the UKs top tertiary institutions visit St Peter’s College to do presentations on their universities and courses. Students will benefit from attending even if not planning to study overseas immediately, but may be considering an exchange or post graduate study overseas at a later date. Boys (Years 10 to 12) who wish to attend either of these sessions must email Mr Colsey to register their interest.

St Andrews University – Scotland
A representative from the University of St Andrews (established in 1413 and the 3rd oldest university in the world) will be in the School to do a presentation about the University on Monday 20 August. An esteemed institution in the tertiary world, St Andrews offers a large range of undergraduate courses. This is just a great opportunity for the boys to learn more about tertiary study at St Andrews. University details are available here.

Durham University – England
Even some basic research will reveal the high quality of this institution. It is consistently ranked in the top 5 institutions in the UK. Durham is often very favourably compared with Oxford and Cambridge and has a somewhat similar ‘college’ structure to the Oxbridge institutions. Along with its academic strengths, Durham has a comprehensive and strong sporting program. University details are available here. The session will be held on Tuesday 21 August.

Studying in the UK
Applications for most UK universities can be commenced now and submitted from the beginning of September 2018. Applications for Oxford, Cambridge and for courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science close on the 15 October. Other key dates can be found here. Students wishing to apply for a full-time undergraduate course at university or college must use the UCAS online service called ‘Apply’. The UCAS application process is outlined here.

The School is a registered UCAS Centre. Consequently, the Careers Counsellor will need to guide the applicant for the initial set up of their UCAS application, which includes the issuing of a buzzword to the applicant. This buzzword will allow UCAS to link applications to our Centre. While the deadline for UCAS applications is in early January (apart from Oxbridge), to guarantee that the all the documentation can be submitted by the School, the UCAS application must be completed by the student by the last day of the school year – 7 December 2018. There is a large range of resources and support for potential applicants on Keystone – please go to Keystone.

Applying for entry into Medicine and Dentistry courses in Australia
Students considering applying for undergraduate entry into medicine/dentistry courses are reminded that many of these courses do not allow late applications and may have extra application requirements. These requirements may require a school reference or other contributions from the School. To ensure that the School can complete and submit any additional requirements before the closing date for applications, it is very important that the institutional requirements and timelines are met by any potential applicants.

  • Flinders University Medicine – students apply via SATAC by 28 September. No extra application requirements
  • Adelaide University Medicine & Dentistry – students apply via SATAC by 28 September. No extra application requirements unless applying for a rural based place
  • Monash University Medicine – students apply via VTAC by 27 September. No extra application requirements
  • Uni of Tasmania Medicine – students apply direct to UTAS by 28 September. No extra application requirements
  • Bond University Medicine – students apply via QTAC in mid January 2019. No UMAT required. Course starts in April/May
  • Uni of Queensland Medicine – Provisional entry as the course is post-graduate, but has an undergraduate entry path. Apply via QTAC by 28 September. No extra application requirements
  • Uni of Sydney Medicine – combined degree entry. The course is post-graduate but has an undergraduate entry path. No UMAT required. Students apply by 28 September to UAC. No initial extra application requirements
  • Griffith Uni Medicine – students apply via QTAC by 28 September. Successful applicants do an initial 2 year degree at Griffith Uni first. No UMAT required. No extra application requirements
  • Uni of WA Medicine – students apply via TISC by 28 September. The medicine course is post-graduate but has an ‘assured pathway’ into this course. No extra application requirements
  • Uni of Melbourne Medicine – apply for Chancellor’s program in Biomedicine or Science via VTAC before 27 September

The following institutions have additional application requirements. Students MUST adhere to the timelines and arrangements outlined below to ensure the School can complete the references and other requirements.

  • Uni of NSW medicine – students apply via UAC and the Uni of NSW website by 28 September. The Uni of NSW medicine applications require a school reference so the initial registration process with UNSW must be completed by 19 September. Applicants must then inform the Careers Counsellor of the UNSW application to allow sufficient time for the School to collect the data and complete the school reference, which will be emailed directly to Mr Colsey by UNSW
  • Western Sydney Uni medicine – students apply via UAC by 28 September AND register on Western Sydney Uni website by 28 September.
  • James Cook Uni medicine and dentistry – students submit an application form to JCU (available online) AND apply via QTAC by 28 September. No UMAT is required. The additional application forms need to be downloaded from the JCU website. There is an application form and a school reference form. Applicants complete the personal and other details on the school reference form and forward it to Mr Colsey by 19 September. This is required to allow sufficient time for the School to complete and return the school reference to the university. Please note: the student part of the JCU application is quite detailed, requiring the applicant to provide extended responses. The student’s part of the application also requires the applicant to sign their application in front of a Justice of the Peace or similar – a list of suitable witnesses is indicated in the application. No school reference required for dentistry at JCU. International students must apply by 31 August.
  • Uni of Newcastle & Uni of New England joint medical program: applicants need to complete and send an application form (available online) to the University and apply via UAC by 28 September. No school reference is required. 
  • Curtin University Medicine – apply by 28 September and a school reference form needs to be downloaded from the Curtin website. The personal and other details need to be completed on the form by the applicant and then be given to Mr Colsey by 19 September to allow sufficient time for the School to complete and submit the school reference to Curtin
  • Charles Sturt Uni Dentistry –apply via UAC by 28 September. Additional application form required if applying as a rural or indigenous candidate 

International Student Admission Test – ISAT: International students currently studying in Australia and who are considering applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Physiotherapy at some institutions in Australia, will need to sit the ISAT. ISAT is a three hour computer based test and applicants MUST check this link for the institutions requiring the ISAT and the due date. For more information on the ISAT visit here.

Country Health SA: Undergraduate Scholarships for 2019 intake
Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) is inviting applications for the Country Health SA Undergraduate Scholarship 2019 academic year for students who are from rural South Australia. Country Health SA is committed to providing a range of high quality health services in rural and remote South Australia to meet the needs of South Australians living in country areas.

CHSA Undergraduate and Professional Entry Scholarship is available for:

  • Full time students currently studying or about to commence studying an undergraduate health discipline (nursing, podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech pathology) related degree at University.
  • Applicants must have resided in rural South Australia prior to undertaking their tertiary education and be residing in rural South Australia at the time of their scholarship application. People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are encouraged to apply.
  • For more information on what is an eligible Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) health discipline please visit the Country Health website or contact the Organisational Development Consultant via this link.   
  • The Scholarship provides students with $5,000 per year in two half payments of $2,500 for up to four years study. Students are required to work for Country Health SA upon successful completion of their study for a period equivalent to the scholarship funding. Closing date for applications is Wednesday 19 September. Information detailing the Scholarships, application process and eligibility criteria, and how to apply can be found on the Country Health SA website here.

US Colleges presentations
There are a number of US colleges that are visiting schools on Australia’s east coast. Any students able to attend will find it is a great opportunity for you to learn directly from US college staff. The sessions will cover aspects about attending a U.S. college and will provide information on the application process as well as providing advice on application expectations. Registering for these sessions allows Education USA to send out information after the session. The sessions will be online and streamed using Facebook live – click on the Facebook feed and watch the sessions and send questions online – Facebook feed

Monday August 27 – Overseas Study Fair – The World Awaits
Melbourne Grammar School 5.00–7.30pm
U.S colleges include: Boston University, Northeastern University and University  of Transylvania
For information and to register click here

Tuesday August 28 – U.S. College Information Session
Carey Grammar School 5.30-7.00pm
U.S Universities include: Columbia, Duke, Northwestern, Princeton and Vanderbilt.
For information and to register click here

Open Days
Open Days at education institutions provide an excellent opportunity for prospective students and parents to learn first-hand about the courses/programs available and to get answers to questions that are particular to the prospective student’s circumstances and aspirations. Most institutions provide a timetable for the events on the Open Day so prospective students can be strategic in planning what to attend and who to see. The following provides some information about the Open Days for various institutions:

  • University of SA. Whyalla Open Day – 26 August. Mawson Lakes Open Day – 26 August. Magill @ Twilight 29 August. Details here.
  • University of Adelaide. For more the University also offers information sessions at Roseworthy – please visit here for more information and dates.

UniTEST – Flinders University
uniTEST is an aptitude test that has been designed by ACER to assess the kinds of generic reasoning and thinking skills that are needed for students to achieve success in tertiary education. uniTEST assesses this reasoning and thinking across the broad domains of mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences. At Flinders, uniTEST is available for school leavers and has the potential to effectively improve an applicant’s selection rank as the uniTEST result is weighted at 40% and considered alongside the applicant’s ATAR (weighted at 60%) during the selection processes for Flinders Uni courses. For details about the test, please click here.

Undergraduate Accountancy employment opportunity
The accountancy firm Tilbrook Rasheed is looking to appoint students to trainee accountant positions to commence in 2019 as a part of their Undergraduate Recruitment Program. The program involves working as a trainee accountant (getting experience and being paid) while studying commerce/accounting part time at a South Australian university. Any boys interested in this as a career path, particularly accounting students, should see Mr Colsey for more details. Applications close on 13 September.

Automotive apprenticeships
Vantage Automotive Pty Ltd is a provider of vocational learning to major vehicle manufacturers and employers. Vantage is seeking applications from students interested in a career within the automotive industry as an Automotive Technician, Parts Interpreter or Body Repair Technician. Positions are already available for the 2019 academic year so students should apply now to enhance their chance of a full time position. Any students with an interest in any of these areas should visit or contact Vantage via or phone 02 8014 8990. The application process is listed at and select ‘Apply Now’. 

Mr Mark Colsey
Careers Counsellor