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During Term 3, students in Years 4-6 took part in the IPSHA Poetry Competition in which eleven Independent Schools in South Australia participated.

To participate, students were required to learn and recite a set poem and then choose their own poem to recite. They performed to their classes and two finalists from each class progressed to the year level finals held last week.

The standard was exceptional with many students challenging themselves to learn extremely complex poems and perform them with clarity, expression and emotion. I would like to thank Mr Tim Browning, Mr Ben Hanisch, Mr James Tamblyn, Mr David Scott and Mr Samuel Cheesman for making time in their busy schedules to adjudicate.

The winner from each year level will represent St Peter’s College at the IPSHA Poetry Grand Final to be held at Wilderness on Wednesday 5 September. Please join me in congratulating the following year level winners and finalists.

Year 4 Finalists

Daniel Latimer Emerson Cooper Isaac Brooks
Benjamin Howell Jack Grosser Nicholas Robertson

Year 4 Winner
Benjamin Howell for his recital of set poem, Sorry? by Judith Viorst and chosen poem, Sick by Shel Silverstein.

Year 5 Finalists

Lochie Siow Joey Fitzgerald Ahaan Kothari Dougal Grieve
Matthew Lok Alexander Nguyen Felix Hanisch  Charlie Bruce

Year 5 Winner
Lochie Siow for his recital of set poem, Tide Talk by Max Fatchen and chosen poem, Refugee Blues by WH Auden

Year 6 Finalists

Tobias Kent Alexander Koh Oliver Hamilton Noah Latimer
Stephen Vasilunas Harry Bradshaw Thomas Grosser Luca Shin

Year 6 Winner
Thomas Grosser for his recital of set poem, Surfer by Lydia Pender and chosen poem, Homeland by Michelle Frost.

Once again, congratulations to all the finalists and we wish the year level winners all the best for the grand final on September 5.

Mrs Ceri Slinger
Head of Junior Years – Learning and Teaching Excellence