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On 25 September, Chinese and English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) students from Year 8, 11 and 12 joined for an excursion to watch blockbuster, Crazy Rich Asians. It was an educational excursion chosen by the Chinese and EALD staff to enhance our understanding and appreciation of Asian culture, which was important for literature and cultural studies in the future.

The experience was a fun one. On our walk to the Palace Nova East End Cinemas on Rundle street we were all curious about the plot of the movie. Many of the EALD students were discussing their family backgrounds and how they might relate to the rich Asian stereotypes portrayed in the movie. For Chinese students, discussions in class prior to seeing the movie had surrounded some of the important themes within the movie such as the importance of family, friendship, society and class, the role of women and the idea of foreignness in one’s own culture. Discussions in class had also centred around the importance of representation of different cultures in Hollywood and why this is important.

After the movie, everyone agreed that the film was a terrific experience and helped them to appreciate cultural diversity. Clearly, the excursion was worthwhile.

Thanks to Ms Qiu who organised this excursion as well as Ms Ziniak, Ms Wang, Ms Desmond and Mr Baker who accompanied the excursion on the day.

Difan Deng (Year 12)