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The Junior School Art exhibition is magnificent. Seeing the progression of skill and creativity throughout the year levels is outstanding. It is clear that all students have embraced the structure and technique of painting in the impressionism style. Yes, I am describing the work of Junior School students across the full age range working in this style. For a moment I felt like I was at Musee D’Orsay or the Van Gogh Museum. Our art team in the Junior School led by Ms Sally Houston are to be commended. Once again, this is a clear demonstration that we should never place limits on the creativity of individuals, expectations should always be placed high and invariably, our students will reach each.

This week our 51st Lipman Fellow, Louka Parry connected with and challenged our students and wider community to embrace change. As the steps between school and career begin to blur, Louka directed us all to respond to future challenges by adopting the following response:

  • Be clear on why
  • Be tight on what
  • Be loose on how

He demonstrated to all students and staff how we are no longer moving into a world where we will learn to work. Louka explained how we are all moving toward careers where we will be working to learn.

In a knowledge age, it is our adaptability that matters. At St Peter’s College we are continually reviewing how we might develop adaptability in our students and staff. Our strategic planning being undertaken this term is focused on these very issues.

In the coming months I invite you to attend consultation sessions with me in my study to discuss the future direction of the school. These sessions are vital in ensuring all voices across the school are heard as we shape the future direction of Saints. I welcome you to contribute in this unique opportunity. Further information about these sessions can be found in this newsletter.

In addition to this, we will soon be conducting our annual Satisfaction Survey of parents and students. This annual survey is vital in ensuring that we are continuing to provide the highest standard of education to our students across the School. Information about the Satisfaction Survey will be forwarded to you in the next week and I encourage you to have your say.

I congratulate Angus Miller (Year 10) who recently competed in the U17 Cycling Road Race. Angus was awarded 1st place, a superb achievement that he juggled while participating in the Year 10 Pushing the Boundaries expedition.

I also wish to make mention of Fred Potter (Year 9) who has been selected to represent Australia at the International Championships in Serbia later this month. Representing Australia is an enormous achievement and a fitting reward to his dedication and commitment to his training.

Congratulations should also go to Julian Mortimer (Year 9) who participate in the 2018 Australian Fencing Championships in Sydney and international and national event. Julian performed exceptionally well winning the gold medal for the U15 individual event as well as silver in the U15 team event, made 6th place in the U17 individual event, and bronze in the U17 – a fantastic achievement.

Mr Tim Browning

Consultation Sessions with Tim Browning – Wednesday 8 August, Wednesday 22 August, Wednesday 5 September