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On Thursday 10 June SPSC attended the State Cross Country Championship at Oakbank Racecourse. Oakbank is well known for its challenging running course, unforgiving weather and high-level competition. Our runners demonstrated strong camaraderie and a growth mindset in completing their designated race. Along with coaches Rick Wilson, Stuart Mitchell, Zac Connel (HWD 2020) and Max Weir (YNG 2020), I couldn’t be prouder of the collective effort the team demonstrated.

Congratulations to all boys involved and in particular the following boys on their outstanding results:

Under 13 Category (3 km):

  • Jack Hollington finished in seventh place (11:18min).
  • Jack Hollington finished fourth as a team.

Under 14 Category (3 km):

  • Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd finished in sixth place.
  • Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd, Bailey Kerr, Donovan Fahey and Safinn Gue finished tenth as a team.

Under 15 Category (4 km):

  • Lachlan Monu, Jett Hastings, Hugh Hazell and Henry Xenophou finished fifth as a team.

Under 16 Category (5 km):

  • Jonathan Harris: Finished in first place (16:54 min).
  • Jonathan Harris, Ethan J. Allison, Darcy Collins and Harry Hayes finished second place as a team.

Open Category (6 km):

  • Henry Braithwaite and Dougie Scott-Young finished in ninth and 16th place.
  • Henry Braitwaite, Dougie Scott-Young and Fraser Connel finished second place as a team.

Brian Wong
Coordinator of Cross Country