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Concept Artist – one of the most in-demand career paths!

So what exactly is a Concept Artist, and what do they do?

Concept artists work in animation studios, film and video production companies, gaming companies, advertising agencies, graphic design firms, print publications, web design firms, interior design or decorating firms, and architecture firms. They create visual images of ideas for use in areas such as animation, special effects, gaming, advertising, print, comic book illustration and any other area where visual representation of an idea is needed. Concept artists work with other art departments to ensure that the right visual style is reflected in each part of the project.

As consumers continue to demand more realistic video games, movie and television special effects, and three-dimensional movies, the demand for skilled designers and computer hardware enhancing the complexity of animation and visual effects, increases. Job growth in Software Development (games), currently sits at 24%, which is much faster than average for all occupations!

In the Digital Art Society at St Peter’s College, students have begun the year by looking at one facet of concept art; character design. Discussions relating to shape language, colour use, clothing and accessories have enabled the boys to understand how visual cues provide the audience with information about the ‘persona’ of any given character. For example, Po from DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda is immediately identifiable as a non-threatening character due to his soft, rounded form, whereas Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is composed of sharp, triangular forms and ‘poisonous’ colours, rendering her untrustworthy.

Ms Turner’s Teaching Resource

Using the School’s Cintiq Tablets (an industry quality design tool), students have explored existing character’s form and function, and are now beginning to design their own characters, using their knowledge to aid them in conveying their character’s persona. It is amazing to see their ideas slowly coming to life!

New members are welcome to join the Digital Design Society at any point, which runs on a Thursday lunchtime in Semester 1.

Adele Turner
Senior School Art Teacher