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The Dragon Boat Festival, also is known as Duanwu Jie or Double Fifth Day, is one of the most traditional Chinese festivals that all Chinese people celebrate. This year the Chinese Society organised a social gathering with Seymour College to help international Chinese students from both schools celebrate the festival and cement ties of friendship.

The working committee consisted of students from Saints and Seymour and further exemplified the strong relationship between the two schools. Twenty-five Saints students and 37 Seymour students attended the event, opened with a warm welcome address from Tim Browning, Headmaster. The evening consisted of icebreaker games, Kahoot quiz and Zongzi paper-folding along with catered dinner thanks to the Seymour students who generously donated platters of food including chicken wings, dumplings, fruit platters, spring rolls and ice-cream with freshly cooked Zongzi, undoubtedly a delicacy that was the highlight.

Students from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the event. The Saints working group of Dihan Tang (Year 12), Wenbo Wu (Year 12), Ryan Dai (Year 11), Kevin Xin (Year 11), Joshua Chu (Year 11) and Will Fitzgerald (Year 9) should be congratulated for their hard work. Thank you also to Tim Browning, Sally Ziniak, Ray Pearson, Mark Colsey, Rachel Spiby, the maintenance team, and the teachers and parents from Seymour College.

Fangfang Qiu
Coordinator of Chinese