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The Dragon Boat Festival is one of China’s four main festivals and was celebrated this year on June 14. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry who eventually became a national hero.

During this festival, Chinese people watch dragon boat racing and make and eat sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) together with family and friends. Children normally wear scented sachets threaded with five-colour silk string to ward off evil and stand an egg on its end to wish for the best luck of the year.

From the 21 June to 25 June, with some very helpful volunteers from our Chinese parents in Junior School, our Years 3 and 6 boys who are learning Chinese made their own sticky rice dumplings, which they took home to show, cook and share with their families. It was a little tricky to make a dumpling just with a bamboo leaf and a string, but after lots of practice and some help, the boys mastered it.

The boys from ELC to Year 2, Years 4 and 5 and Chinese boys in our Mother Tongue classes made their own sachet with beautiful Chinese characters written on them, and they played the egg balancing game for their best luck of this year.

The boys enjoyed and loved the variety of this special celebration and they now know that in the middle of winter in Australia, Chinese celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and eat soft, warm, and pure sticky rice dumplings.

Shelby Baker
Junior School Chinese Teacher