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An recent weeks our Year 10 and 11 students have undergone their Driver Safety Education. The Year 11 students heard from the SA Fire Service and the Road Awareness Program about the importance of looking after your mates. The over-arching message is that while you may choose the risks, you don’t get to choose the consequences.

The program discusses the significant consequences of risk-taking on the road and gives some strategies for students to know how to deal with situations where they may find themselves or their mates in danger. An extremely relevant message for our boys, as it has become an increasing trend among them to wear headphones as a pedestrian. We witness our students each day crossing the road and walking along the pedestrian areas with headphones in their ears, completely oblivious to what may be happening around them. While we prohibit such practice at School, it would be great if parents could also emphasise the dangers of students doing this once they are outside the School grounds.

The following week Year 10 and Year 11 students attended the annual StreetSmart presentation at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. This is an annual presentation attended by thousands of students from around the state. A crash scene is re-enacted, and then students hear from various speakers who have been victims of road trauma, medical and emergency services professionals who have to deal with the fall-out of road crashes, and powerfully from someone who themselves caused the death of a friend behind the wheel of their car.

Both of these sessions are very important for our students to hear. If we can change one decision of one boy, which ultimately saves them from being exposed to road trauma, then these sessions become the most valuable lesson in their time at School. It presents an excellent opportunity for families to start a conversation with their son about their own experiences and expectations when their sons get behind the wheel.

Please take care.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years