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The Year 12 SACE and IB students were guests of the University of Adelaide Economics faculty this week. Students were given a brief opportunity to experience life as a university economics student. They were first challenged to play game theory in a tutorial and explore the growing importance of behavioural economics led by Professor Ralph-Christopher Bayer.

Students then experienced a first-year extension economics lecture and explored the complex link between economics and politics, highlighting the importance of economics as a bridging course into many disciplines such as business, commerce, management, research and health. After lunch in the economics department overlooking the Adelaide University campus, the students were told about the many opportunities economics provides and the chance to chat with two old scholars who are currently studying economics.

On behalf of the boys, we appreciate the opportunity that the economics faculty continue to offer our students and the work of Mr Mark Colsey in co-ordinating this experience.

Jeremy Borgas
Senior School Teacher

Jon Inge
Senior School Teacher